MBC Technology Inc

  • Secure Infrastructure Design
  • Evaluating Compliance & Audit Needs
  • Identifying Business Risks

About Us

An Information Technology Solutions Company, MBC Technology, is a privately held and funded professional services company focused on providing information technology consulting. We have our roots in providing inovative, secure, technology solutions to meet the needs of businesses. MBC works to provide the best technology infrastructure, support, development, procurement, services, and technology innovation management. Primary focus areas include data protection and security, project management and development, software services, software and hardware procurement and maintenance, and network infrastructure management.

In Information Technology, the only constant is change. As one technology is introduced, a new and improved one will undoubtedly be right around the corner. When this is combined with constantly evolving business needs, businesses need to be adaptive from an IT perspective in order to ensure systems and platforms are supporting and driving the organization optimally. We assists businesses in developing information technology that provides solutions to specific business needs. Our capabilities focus on proper selection and integration of application software; hardware and infrastructure. The first task of system planning and analysis is evaluating your company’s business procedures and goals.

Information security must be integrated into the system lifecycle from system inception through system disposal. Regardless of the formal or informal lifecycle methodology employed, security can be incorporated into information systems acquisition, development and maintenance by implementing effective security practices in the following areas: Security requirements for information systems; Security in development; and support processes. Information systems security begins with incorporating security into the requirements process for any new application or system enhancement whether that application is purchased from a vendor or internally developed.